Thursday, December 8, 2011

His Pitiful Tail

Look closely at my tail.
Hello. It's Midnight. You have to see Fritzel's Tail. When my family first got him, he had really long hair.  it was especially long on his tail. He looked very funny. It was driving Michelle CRAZY!!!!! One day, she could deal with it no more, and she took Lisbeth outside to cut off his tail furs. My mom was only there because she had to hold Fritzel down. When you'd look at the bottom of his tail there were unevenly cut layers. He looked even sillier than before. We brought him inside, and seth said it was the most pitiful haircutting job that he had eve seen. Then Seth fixed it a little. It still didn't look normal. Now, he has an appointment with the groomer for next week. Well, that's it. you should look at these pictures!!! They're hilarious!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Move Your Feet (or your tin foil), Lose Your Seat.

Hello! It's Midnight again. I just found out that Fritzel has been sitting on the furniture!!! I'm not even allowed to go on the nice carpet. I, personally, don't like that rule. Michelle has put tin foil on all of the couches and chairs. He gets afraid of the crinkling sounds that the tin foil makes. Fritzel got so scared, that he puked all over the floor. It was stinky. My mom, Lisbeth, had to clean it all up.  My family was playing board games, and Fritzel wasn't laying on his bed, beside my mom. He usually does.  Michelle decided to sneak up on him to find out what he was doing, and he was laying on the one chair that didn't have tin foil on it!!!! He is a trouble maker. I hope that he learns his lesson soon. He is lucky that Michelle doesn't yell. HAHAHA!!!! That last sentence RHYMES!!!! He has also been laying on My mom's bed. She'll go to lay down, and he'll be laying there wanting his stomach scratched. Well, I need to go to bed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Scaredy Dog

I don't even want to look!!!
Hi! I must be really scary. Fritzel, a medium sized dog is absolutely terrified of me. I'm serious!!!! He won't come anywhere near me! I'm just a little bunny. He is so silly. We are even the same age. I found out that my family loves all three of  us equally!!! I guess that they do pay a lot of attention to me. They never said anything about me looking scary. I think that it's just Fritzel. I am a very lucky bunny, though, because any other dog would try to eat me. I guess that I really do like Fritzel.Wow!!! I can't believe that I just said that I like a dog. I need some time to think about this.Well then, bye.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My Family

It's Midnight again.I don't think that I have told you enough about my family. Lisbeth is my mom. She is 12 years old right now. Seth is her older brother. He is 15 years old. Noah is her little brother. He is 10 tears old. Michelle is Lisbeth's mom. I an not allowed to tell anyone how old she is. This is what they all look like.
Midnight (me)
Hi! My name is Midnight. I'm a little bunny from Pennsylvania. I'm in a bad mood because my mom, Lisbeth, just got a new dog. His name is Fritzel. I don't like him because people only pay attention to him. They used to love me the most. I'm not the only bunny in the house, though. There is another big, crazy, mischievous bunny. His name is Buttercup. He is a trouble maker. Lisbeth's mom, Michelle, likes Buttercup the most. Lisbeth has two brothers. Their names are Seth, and Noah. They both like me!!! Anyway, a lot has happened since Fritzel got here. Some of it Fritzel hasn't really liked.