Sunday, December 4, 2011

Midnight (me)
Hi! My name is Midnight. I'm a little bunny from Pennsylvania. I'm in a bad mood because my mom, Lisbeth, just got a new dog. His name is Fritzel. I don't like him because people only pay attention to him. They used to love me the most. I'm not the only bunny in the house, though. There is another big, crazy, mischievous bunny. His name is Buttercup. He is a trouble maker. Lisbeth's mom, Michelle, likes Buttercup the most. Lisbeth has two brothers. Their names are Seth, and Noah. They both like me!!! Anyway, a lot has happened since Fritzel got here. Some of it Fritzel hasn't really liked.


  1. Hey, Dudes! Tanner and Steve's mom sent us over to say hi!

    Sam and Pippen

  2. HI GUYS! Nice to meet you. We are friends of Tanner and Steeeeeeve even though we actually live closer to you because we are in Dela Where. Welcome to enbloggerating!

    Sheps w/Pep, Otis T. Potus & Edgrrrrrrrr.

  3. How, exactly, do 2 bunnys and a dog coexist... if you don't mind my asking? Sorry if that sounds too personal, but I don't want to come over her one day and find CSI investigators swabbing for doggy prints.

  4. Hey Midnight & Fritzel:

    Tanner and Sttteeevve said we should stop by and check you guys.....

    Look forward to all ya'lls adventures!!


  5. Hey there Midnight!
    I don't have any bunnies at my house, only me -Ruger - and the stinky cat.
    My humans are talking A LOT about getting another dog, so I know how you feel about other critters invading your house. It's just not fair is it.

    Slobber & Tail wags