Thursday, December 8, 2011

His Pitiful Tail

Look closely at my tail.
Hello. It's Midnight. You have to see Fritzel's Tail. When my family first got him, he had really long hair.  it was especially long on his tail. He looked very funny. It was driving Michelle CRAZY!!!!! One day, she could deal with it no more, and she took Lisbeth outside to cut off his tail furs. My mom was only there because she had to hold Fritzel down. When you'd look at the bottom of his tail there were unevenly cut layers. He looked even sillier than before. We brought him inside, and seth said it was the most pitiful haircutting job that he had eve seen. Then Seth fixed it a little. It still didn't look normal. Now, he has an appointment with the groomer for next week. Well, that's it. you should look at these pictures!!! They're hilarious!!!

1 comment:

  1. I just sniffed your blog for the first time. I am thinking that Fritzel is so upset about the haircut he will not even look at the camera! Lucky me, I am short hair! No hair cuts for me! HA! Anyhoo, enjoyed your blog...who knew bunnies could type?