Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Move Your Feet (or your tin foil), Lose Your Seat.

Hello! It's Midnight again. I just found out that Fritzel has been sitting on the furniture!!! I'm not even allowed to go on the nice carpet. I, personally, don't like that rule. Michelle has put tin foil on all of the couches and chairs. He gets afraid of the crinkling sounds that the tin foil makes. Fritzel got so scared, that he puked all over the floor. It was stinky. My mom, Lisbeth, had to clean it all up.  My family was playing board games, and Fritzel wasn't laying on his bed, beside my mom. He usually does.  Michelle decided to sneak up on him to find out what he was doing, and he was laying on the one chair that didn't have tin foil on it!!!! He is a trouble maker. I hope that he learns his lesson soon. He is lucky that Michelle doesn't yell. HAHAHA!!!! That last sentence RHYMES!!!! He has also been laying on My mom's bed. She'll go to lay down, and he'll be laying there wanting his stomach scratched. Well, I need to go to bed.

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  1. Fritzel is one smart dog, and also reminds me of Joe. If he didnt get his way he would make a stain!